Well Wishes for Nebula Finalists


Through a $50 donation to SFWA, you can wish a Nebula finalist good luck and soothe a few of their nerves.

The Nebula Awards honor excellence in science fiction and fantasy writing for prose, games, and dramatic performances. Is there a 2022 finalist that you especially want to win? Through a $50 donation to SFWA, you can wish luck to the finalist writer of your choice and soothe a few of their nerves on May 14, 2023, when we host the 58th Annual Nebula Awards Ceremony.

Your chosen finalist will receive a hand delivery of your greetings transposed onto a notecard, if they are attending the conference in-person. If they are attending online, we’ll send them your message the old-fashioned way: via e-card. Make your Well Wishes donation via this store, and we’ll be in touch to collect your finalist’s name and your words of encouragement.

Unfortunately, no hologram transmissions are available this year. Once again, someone let Cuddles the Dragon into the communications cabin.


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